I Hate Driving Claims Disgruntled Motorist Group

Most drivers say that the independence driving gives them is indispensable, but not all motorists thrive on being behind the wheel. Hull driver Dave Jackson says he resents driving, and wishes that he had never learned. We spoke to him over a coffee to find out why he despises the activity so much. “Since I learned to drive, I seem to have spent half my time as unpaid taxi driver.

People seem to take it for granted that you will ferry them around even when it’s obvious you don’t want to. What’s worse is that people who don’t drive don’t seem to have any idea about how expensive it is. Tax, insurance, petrol, repairs, servicing the costs seem to be spiralling out of control, and when your car does reach the end of its life, it’s worth next-to-nothing.”

Dave of Humber Bridge Online Service says that he learned to drive because he expected owning his own car to be vastly more preferable than using public transport, yet he’s disillusioned about this too. “Half the time I don’t get anywhere any faster than I would if I was on a bus, train or corporate jet services, and I constantly have to concentrate too. When you’re tired and you feel like you can’t go on, but you have to anyway, it can be soul-destroying. I’ve spent so much time in traffic jams or being sworn at by other motorists it’s unbelievable.

I once advanced ten miles in 328 minutes.” The driver also said that one of his main pet hates was parking. “You can drive around car parks for hours on a weekend trying to find somewhere to leave your car, and if you’re as much as one minute late you can expect to pay through the nose for it. I just don’t think driving’s what I was told it was.

Dave Jackson HBOS community was set up so that locals could vent their frustrations online. Andrew Jackson HBOS administrator agreed that the service was indispensable for those wishing to discuss the stresses and strains attached to modern life with others.

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