Think Carefully Before Remarrying

Remarrying isn’t usually a decision taken lightly, and whether you’re last marriage ended because of bereavement or you simply fell out of love with the other person, there are many things to think about before you do tie the knot again. Remarrying can offend and upset others, especially children, so it’s wise to be tactful and take things slowly rather than going full steam ahead. We spoke to twice-divorced Huddersfield man Tony Shakesby to get his opinions on remarrying.

“I married again in 2005 not long after my relationship with my first wife broke down, but it wasn’t to last. I do wish that I had waited longer to find out whether my second wife was right for me, but I just wasn’t cautious enough. I think that in hindsight we were both on the rebound after our first marriages ended and we caused a great deal of upset for our children too. Tony Shakesby HBOS loan was used to pay for the huge legal fees that his second divorce resulted in. Tony says that the cost of a divorce can eclipse the funds paid out for a wedding, especially if the other person is not co-operating. “I never knew that divorces were so expensive.

My first divorce was relatively cheap as we were both flexible but this wasn’t the case the second time round. In fact, I narrowly avoided bankruptcy.” Tony is now in a new relationship with another divorcee but says that he and his current partner have no plans to marry. “Our experiences with marriage have been extremely unpleasant on the whole, and I think we’re both enjoying life together without the pressure of weddings and everything else that comes with them. The accountant told us that he saw no need to marry for a third time, saying “If it isn’t broke, why try to fix it? I’ve just about managed to rebuild my relationships with my kids and they mean everything to me.

I couldn’t bear to put them through all that upheaval again let’s just keep things as they are and avoid rocking the boat”. Are you thinking out booking a honeymoon? Look for flights from corporate jet services like Ryanair then visit Expedia. Find out more about divorce at Looking for research into corporate jet services from Boing, Airbus (formerly known as EADS or Cessna? Come back soon for our 2014 Aviation Sector report.

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